AveoFlashTM High-Intensity
LED Lighting for Aircraft !

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All AveoFlashTM lights are warranted for the life of the Aircraft!!*
(*See Aveo's Warranty for Terms and Conditions)


If you reside in the following states, please contact your area Authorized AveoEngineering Representative or Reseller to order all Aveo products:

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, & Georgia - AveoSouth

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, & Washington - www.kestrel-air.com

California - www.flaglvk.com (First Light Aviation Group)

New York - www.aveousa.com

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AveoEngineering™ has developed a powerful package of extreme LED lighting systems for aircraft that feature easy installation, low power draw, and high candela output! These affordable and reliable and lightweight lighting packages provide the ultimate in safety features for today's aircraft operations. All pilots want to see and to be seen, and AveoEngineering™ has the solution in these industry-leading AveoFlash™ aircraft lights!  AveoFlash™ lights HAVE NO COMPETITION!!   

AveoFlash™ lights exceed ALL Civilian and Military
standards worldwide and are actually designed to exceed the higher Military Specifications. (
AveoFlash™ lights are currently being installed on all major manufacturer's RPVs worldwide!)

Each light weighs only 1.85 to 5 ounces, a huge weight-savings over most other manufacturer's lights.

AveoFlash™ lights come encased in clear Diamidium™ epoxy-resin that is basically indestructible, and are water and vapor tight.

AveoFlash™ lights use High-Candela-rated Light
Emitting Diodes (LEDs) - minimum 800+ Candela for both wingtip NAV / STROBE & tail NAV / STROBE lights and Anti-Collision Beacon, so they are brighter than comparable NAV / STROBE lights from any other manufacturer. 

AveoFlash™ lights operate on any voltage from 9-32 VDC; with the lower power draw, approximately 1/6th that of conventional strobe lights, the builder can now run just 18 AWG, stranded, jacketed, shielded wire to each light.

AveoFlash™ lights are fully self-contained and are encased in a clear Diamidium™ epoxy resin that is basically indestructible, water and vapor tight.  In addition, AveoFlash™ lights are built with Aveo's patented FLEXIBLE PC BOARD technology, and they require no Flash Module, so you save that weight and also reduce the RF noise effectively to Zero (a common problem with ordinary NAV / STROBE lights from other manufacturers products).

Included with all AveoFlash™ lights from AveoMidAmerica are complete Installation Documents - Mounting Diagrams, Circuit Diagram, Installation Tips, and Limited Lifetime Warranty!!

AveoFlash™ Ultra™
Nav/Strobe Light Sets

PosiStrobe™ & PosiStrobeXP™
NAV / Strobe Tail Lights

AveoFlash™ High-Intensity
Anti-Collision Beacons

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