All shipping of merchandise by AveoMidAmerica is FOB Springfield, Missouri, unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.

No products shall be shipped until verified payment for same is made in full in US Dollars.  Payment may be made by Credit Card, Check, or Money Order. 

Shipping shall be by US Postal Service,
United Parcel Service, FedEx, or Common Carrier, at the
discretion of AveoMidAmerica, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

All shipments over $20.00 shall be shipped with a Tracking
Number, which will be provided to Customer via e-mail upon


All AveoEngineering Products are checked by AveoEngineering for functionality before shipping.  If you receive an Aveo product from AveoMidAmerica that is "bad-out-of-box", you should
contact AveoMidAmerica immediately.

Requests for return of uninstalled Aveo products for upgrade to later models or other Aveo products will be evaluated on a
case-by-case basis, and shall be subject to an upgrade charge + the difference in pricing of the products.  To discuss your request to do this, contact us.

Return of Aveo serviceable Aveo products to AveoMidAmerica simply because the customer has decided to do so, for whatever reason, shall be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee, said credit to be applied on account rather than refundable, at the discretion of AveoMidAmerica, and shall be subject to pre-approval by AveoMidAmerica.

Warranty returns of Aveo products are also handled on a
case-by-case basis.  Contact us immediately if this issue arises.


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